Welcome to Journals Of My Wanderlust, a virtual diary/ scrapbook of my¬†overseas adventures ūüôā

I absolutely love to travel, I believe¬†it¬†enriches my¬†soul and mind in a way nothing else really can. Some people use it to escape their troubles, past, work, monotony of the daily grind, etc. I think the reason I love it so much¬†is¬†because it inspires me to find new sights, smells, cultures, architecture, creatures and freshens my mind to what’s possible in the big wide world. As an Interior Designer¬†& Decorator I’m a very visual person, I love to photograph my finds and continue to find inspirational spaces, textures, colours, places and stories along the way to bring back home into my future work.

Whenever I travel I try really hard to keep a diary of things I’ve done, eaten and seen. These along with photos spark memories that¬†would otherwise stay below the thoughts¬†of every day life. Unfortunately though this diary only lasts the first few days, I get so lost in the moment and carried away with taking hundreds (hmm ok maybe thousands) of photos instead of keeping my journal.¬†This is where the idea of a travel blog came from- a virtual diary/ scrapbook of my adventures kept in one place¬†that¬†can be accessed from anywhere, a place that I’ll always be able to find them.

I hope you enjoy my¬†blog and¬†that it¬†ignites¬†the¬†travel bug within you too. Be sure to¬†search under categories¬†if you’re looking for specific¬†areas of interest, otherwise you can view all posts in the blog section.